Heinze Consultants

About Us

about-usHEINZE Consultants is an Electrical Engineering Consulting company. Our headquarters is based in San Diego, but we currently have consultants based in Pittsburgh and Florida, as well as San Diego.

We have core capabilities in various technical, scientific and engineering fields, including:

  • Commercial Electronics
  • VLSI Circuitry
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Defense and National Security
  • Biotech and Medical

Our Technical Disciplines include:

  • EE Consulting Services
  • EE Requirements Analysis
  • VLSI/VHSIC Circuit Design
  • Software Development and Coding
  • Electrical Power Design and Analysis
  • Communications Power Design and Analysis
  • Communications Systems Hardware and Software Design and Development
  • RF Engineering from VLF to EHF Frequencies

Business Services:

  • Business Assessments, Planning and Operations
  • Business and Program/Product Development
  • International Business Planning and Development
  • Marketing

We have a growing network of consultants available to solve technical challenges. We have licenses and certifications in the following:

  • Richard Heinze, PE
  • Steven R. Musial II, PE
  • Ronald R. Mahinske, PE and Accredited “LEED” Professional