Heinze Consultants

Biomedical Engineering Consulting

icon-biomedical-engineering-consultingWe offer the following biomedical expertise:

  Molecular Biology:

  •   Primer/Plasmid design, cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, plasmid purification, PCR, RT-PCR

Protein expression, purification, and characterization:

  •   Bacterial, insect, and mammalian cell lines
  •   Isotopic labeling (13C, 15N) of proteins
  •   HPLC, FPLC, and batch purification strategies
  •   Thermal (thermofluor) and chemical denaturation of proteins, circular dichroism

Protein-protein / protein-ligand characterization:

  •   Fluorescence anisotropy/polarization, ITC, DSC, SPR
  •   BLI/Octet, immunoprecipitation/pulldown assays

Macromolecular crystallography:

  •   High-throughput screening (TTP LabTech, Formulatrix), crystal optimization, cryopreservation
  •   X-ray diffraction, data collection and processing
  •   Molecular replacement, SAD, MAD

Computational Biology:

  •   Virtual screening, DOCK, AMBER, MD/Monte Carlo simulations, MOE

Additional Expertise:

  •   Multi-color flow cytometry, mammalian cell culture, purification of mitochondria
  •   Fluorescence microscopy, MitoTracker/Calcein release assays